Venture Match

Venture MatchEasily finding the right investors

The Venture Match service introduces your currently fundraising company to selected investors from our network. For an efficient matching, we take into account the requirements of the companies as well as the investment preferences of the investors. The focus is on financing rounds between €1 million and €30 million.


Venture Match at a glance

  • The participating member companies are carefully reviewed and the results summarised in a deal teaser, a short company presentation for investors.
  • In collaboration with the company, we identify the right investors from Deutsche Börse Venture Network and create an investor long list.
  • Afterwards, we present your company to those selected investors.
  • If there is interest, our investment managers organise a meeting between the founders and interested investors, and moderate the remainder of the financing round as required.
  • A specially developed online platform serves as a secure space for communication, the exchange of data and reporting during the entire process until the conclusion of a financing round

Which companies are accepted for the service?

A number of factors play a role in the process for selecting suitable companies: in addition to the volume of capital being sought, these include revenue figures and the overall entrepreneurial picture of the companies. But the factors of team, market environment, product/service and business model and also the planned financing projects are important aspects. The results of this preliminary analysis are summarised in the deal teaser.

We focus on business models that are tried and tested on the market and that also have high growth and clearly measurable performance indicators.

Deutsche Börse Venture Network is committed to playing a neutral role in the selection of companies and investors and does not make investment recommendations.

Which investors does the Venture Match aim at?

The service is particularly aimed at institutional investors, family offices and high-net-worth individuals who are interested in a continuous supply of investment opportunities matched to their investment preferences. Investments are possible from a ticket size of €1 million.

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